Blue Yonder is now a JDA company

With JDA solutions and Blue Yonder artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, you can make intelligent, automated decisions based on real-time data.


Blue Yonder uses artificial intelligence to unlock opportunities to boost revenues, increase margins and deliver the best customer experience. With AI and ML embedded into their core supply chain and merchandising processes, companies can respond more quickly to dynamic market conditions and evolving customer preferences, for greater profit. Together, JDA and Blue Yonder develop cognitive and connected solutions to power digital transformations for companies seeking to create a competitive advantage for their supply chains.

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Customer success and innovation is our priority. We use artificial intelligence (AI) to boost revenues, increase margins and deliver the best customer experience.

JDA + Blue Yonder = Powerful Solutions

As modern supply chains transform into highly-connected digital networks, you now have the power to respond to disruptions before they occur and make better business decisions in real-time. Learn how JDA and Blue Yonder are putting cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to work for retailers, right now.

Luminate Demand Edge

Blue Yonder Demand Forecast & Replenishment is now Luminate Demand Edge. With Luminate Demand Edge, a cognitive SaaS solution, you can now deliver game-changing, autonomous forecast accuracy. It enhances JDA’s industry-leading demand planning solution by leveraging leading artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms.


Forecast Accuracy

Luminate Market Price

Formerly, Blue Yonder Price Optimization, Luminate Market Price uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to deliver pricing strategies reflecting actual demand and real-time competitive positions. Luminate Market Price measure price elasticity and other factors to provide automated price decisions.



Luminate Store Fulfillment

Luminate Store Fulfillment, formerly Blue Yonder Replenishment, delivers accurate, granular demand forecasts that let you reduce waste while also cutting down on unnecessary manual interventions. Store Fulfillment analyzes data and delivers accurate, probabilistic demand predictions with a 21-day horizon – giving you more accurate results than traditional forecasting methods and powering future optimizations.


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Luminate Clearance Price

To maximize profits and reduce costly waste, you need a powerful markdown pricing solution that goes beyond rule-based pricing to deliver data-driven, continuously optimized prices at the finest levels of granularity. Blue Yonder Markdown Pricing, now Luminate Clearance Price, part of the JDA Luminate™ family, delivers with precision using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).