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Impersonate PICK-MAN, the warehouse picker aiming to be the fastest in the world.

Can you beat the automation? Play PICK-MAN, the first ever Arcade game released by JDA and SATO where you can test out your warehouse picking skills. All you need is a keyboard and a screen. No heavy lifting involved!

Play our new Arcade-style game PICK-MAN, impersonating a warehouse picker aiming to pick all the boxes in the warehouse performing the best time against other players and a Boss picker using SATO Visual Warehouse system.

After you picked all the items, the JDA Labour Management dashboard will highlight your performance against the best pickers worldwide and against the Boss Picker.

Choose your route, pick fast and move on to the levels to become the fastest picker in the world!

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The game experience is available for Desktop devices.
Recommended web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari