JDA Warehouse Management Self-Assessment

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JDA has a proven track record of improving warehouse and distribution operations with global companies of all sizes. The expertise gained through these deployments has enabled us to benchmark key areas that best-in-class companies consistently excel in performance. We invite you to complete a comprehensive and complimentary Warehouse Management Self- Assessment to benchmark your company against the very best. Upon completion of this brief assessment of your warehouse operation, you will receive a personalized report benchmarking your supply chain operations against best-in-class standards.

P&L Impact (Annual) - $23.7M - $70.2M
Reduced Labor Costs

7% - 22%
Improved Performance Measurement
Increased Accountability & Coaching
Task Optimization
Reduced Travel Time & Increased Task Density

Value $7.9M - $23.1M
Margin on Revenue Lift

(Based on revenue lift of $8.9M - $26.8M)
0.05% - 0.15%
Improved Customer Satisfaction
Faster Order Cycle Times

Value $4.5M - $13.4M
Carrying Costs Reduction

Corresponding to Inventory reduction

Value $92K - $460K
Reducing in Inventory Write-Off Expense

1.0% - 3.0%
Improved Accuracy, Visibility & Control

Value $41K - $123K
Shipping Error Reduction

15.0% - 40.0%
Systemic Confirmation, Accuracy And Control

Value $7K - $20K
B/S Impact One-time - $612K - $3.0M
Inventory Reduction

0.15% - 0.75%
Improved Accuracy, Visibility And Reliability As Well As Faster Cycle Times Leads To Reduced Cycle & Safety Stock Requirements

Value $613K - $3.0M

Your value assessment will highlight areas for potential improvement in an easy-to-read, multi-dimensional spider chart. Using your own financial metrics, we can compare your company to companies of similar sizes and industries, showing you ways to gain competitive advantages and grow your market share. Your report will also include examples and results from numerous case studies, illustrating the benefits you can achieve through optimal operations management.


Take a fresh look at your operation with the JDA Warehouse Management Self-Assessment. We think you will find this to be a valuable, educational exercise that you can share with your colleagues to help facilitate real business change.