University of Warwick and JDA Study
of 101 Manufacturing Organisations

Why Supply Chain
Segmentation is a
Window of Opportunity
for manufacturers
in Europe

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With manufacturers facing unprecedented business dynamics from Industry 4.0 to the digital supply chain Supply Chain Segmentation has re-emerged as the key day-to-day driver of profitability and overall business strategy alignment.

The study reveals, however, that only 8% of manufacturing organisations reach level 3 supply chain segmentation maturity and none reached level 4 maturity while only 29% have a top-down segmentation process.

"More organisations are driving their supply chains forward while looking in the rearview mirror rather than looking ahead."

Download the report to find out more, including…

  • The proportion of organisations using data driven segmentation models
  • The types of supply chain strategies employed as competitive drivers

  • The percentage of organisations at levels 1 to 4 for S&OP / IBP maturity in Europe
  • How to enforce an overarching business strategy into the day to day configuration of the supply chain