2nd Annual JDA, KPMG & Incisiv Survey: Digital Supply Chain Investment

Top Drivers and Challenges Across Retail, Manufacturing & Logistics

What’s driving and delaying investments in the digital supply chain across retail, manufacturing and logistics? The 2nd Annual JDA & KPMG Digital Supply Chain Investment survey, conducted by Incisiv has all the details on what’s moving technology investments and what it means for your business. For the second consecutive year, end-to-end visibility remains the leading investment driver across the supply chain.

So, what innovations are supply chain executives investing in for end-to-end visibility?

Executives plan to deploy or test one of these supply chain innovations in the next 24 months:

  • 82% cognitive analytics
  • 62% AI/ML
  • 55% digital control tower

The highest value use case for AI is focused on:

  • Increasing inventory and pricing accuracy for Retail
  • Improving demand forecasting for Manufacturing
  • Optimizing distribution network for Logistics

Build your use case for implementing AI in your supply chain with numbers from the executive summary now.

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