Achieve predictability in unpredictable times

Ensure complete supply chain visibility, assurance and control during the coronavirus crisis

Hear from Blue Yonder CEO, Girish Rishi as he discusses COVID-19 effects on supply chain in this CNBC video. To get in touch with a Blue Yonder associate to discuss your options and create a plan to get through the COVID-19 crisis, click here.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, hidden weaknesses in supply chains have become glaring. Items such as soups, crackers, medications and face masks have flown off the shelves, causing global product shortages and inevitable manufacturing delays. Some airlines have started to reduce both international and domestic flights by up to 20% and are implementing hiring freezes. Having adequate factory planning, demand planning, and route optimization is pivotal to minimizing the rippling economic effects.

Luminate Control Tower allows data to be visible in real-time, enabling you to anticipate, react, pivot and ultimately reduce risk to your bottom line. Why wait for externalities to disrupt your supply chain when you have the option to proactively mitigate?

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Achieve predictability in unpredictable times:

    LCT gives you real-time supply chain visibility into on-hand and projected inventory levels and inbound/outbound shipments
    With LCT, your company can sense, predict, act and pivot on real-time information from suppliers, factories, distributors, retailers and customers
    Using machine learning, LCT analyzes data at scale, generating prescriptive recommendations to minimize risk and capitalize on opportunities
    Intelligent scenario planning and profitable responses, which lead to improved service, increased revenue and lower cost to serve

Part of the Blue Yonder Luminate family of edge solutions, Luminate Control Tower is an award-winning SaaS solution that provides real-time visibility, optimized orchestration and prescriptive recommendations across the entire supply chain. Using powerful artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), Blue Yonder Luminate Control Tower delivers exacting accuracy and precision.

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