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Profitable Omni-Channel Fulfillment:
Enterprise-Wide Labor Management

Today’s supply chain is more complex and has increased pressure for real-time, event driven processes and omni-channel fulfillment within the warehouse, the store and the extended supply chain ecosystem of manufacturers and 3PLs.

The radical growth from bulk fulfillment to B2C direct end consumer fulfillment has increased by 45% and has resulted in a need for more dynamic and complex picking processes and consumer direct orders/shipments. Cost concerns under these growing pressures place priority on profitable fulfillment.

In a recent study on labor management, adopting more efficient warehouse and stores level processes was the most-cited pressure (70% overall) for managers to address profitability and reduce operating expenses.

Join Bob Heaney, Research Director and Principal Analyst of Wholesale, Retail, and eCommerce at Aberdeen Group, and Jim Chamberlain, Sr Director of Industrial Engineering at DSC Logistics to learn:

  • Key process steps to bolster labor productivity for the most optimal and profitable fulfillment
  • Latest trends and advancements in event-driven real-time labor management and more dynamic real-time staff deployment
  • Engineered standards for direct labor Task and Picking Interleaving, workforce management, and reasonable expectancies for support and/or store-level activities
  • DSC Logistics’ journey as they moved from manual paper based discrete order picking to real-time RF directed task and labor management – across 48 DCs and 25 million Sq Ft

Webinar Details:

Title: Profitable Omni-Channel Fulfillment – Enterprise-Wide Labor Management
Date: Wednesday, September 2nd
Time: 2 pm ET
Location: Virtual

Presented By:

Bob Heaney
Research Director & Principal Analyst of Wholesale, Retail, and eCommerce
Aberdeen Group
Jim Chamberlain
Senior Director of Industrial Engineering
DSC Logistics